The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested two juveniles in Ndola for drug trafficking.

Commission Public Relations officer Theresa Katongo has told 5FM Radio that the two juvenile pupils alleged baked a cake laced with cannabis for their teachers during the commemoration of World Teachers day.

Katongo said after consuming the said cake, the five teachers began behaving strangely.

Later the duo got very sick and was admitted at Ndola Central hospital.

She has warned school-going children to desist engaging in illicit activities as they risk ruining their future.

Meanwhile, the Commission in Eastern province has arrested Isaac mailos Banda, a small-scale farmer of Mukanda area in Vubwi district for trafficking in 266kilograms of loose cannabis.

Also arrested in Western province is Kababa Litoya, a small-scale farmer of Namaloba area in Kaoma district for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 18.2 kilograms.

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