Opposition Zambians for Empowerment and Development Leader Dr. Fred Mutesa is against extending the number of days allowed for a petition following the declaration of presidential candidate after the elections.

The amended Constitution only provides fourteen days in which petition can be filed before the Constitutional Court for determination.

Minister of Justice Given Lubinda was quoted in the Daily Nation Newspaper saying he faces a daunting challenge in his new portfolio.

given-aMr. Lubinda will sit down with experts and other stakeholders to clear what he termed as contradictions that existed in the Constitution.

He wants the piece of legislature to become self-explanatory unlike the current state which posed a challenge in legal interpretation.

But Dr. Mutesa who was commenting on the impending Constitutional reforms said that wider consultation must be deployed in order to come up with a good piece of law.

The UPND that had petitioned the 11TH August general elections could not heard before the Constitutional Court due to lack of time according to 3 out of 5 Judges.


He feels the fourteen days is enough for any petitioner who has evidence to be heard before the Court unlikely extending which he said could create problems for the country.

And Dr. Mutesa has told 5fm radio that it will be disappointing if the Patriotic Front that has the majority in parliament would propose a bill for the re-introduction of deputy ministers.

Dr. Mutesa said that the people of Zambia rejected that portfolio and bringing it back would be against the will of citizens.


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