President Edgar Lungu says the peoples of Zambia and Uganda, share common Values and principles premised on solid foundation on which relations are based. 

The Head of State said the strong and deep rooted Bilateral Relations between the Two countries have grown from strength to strength in recent Years.

Speaking at the 52nd Independence Anniversary Celebrations at State House this Afternoon, President Lungu said this is as Evidenced by Regular Contacts and Interaction at all Levels.

President Lungu said he is Confident that, in the spirit of Intra-African Cooperation, Zambia and Uganda will continue to share Practices and Experiences for the Mutual Development of the Two Countries and Peoples.

He stated that these Challenges include, High Unemployment Levels amongst the Youth; Unpredictable Weather Patterns resulting from Climate Change; Poor Mobilisation of Local Resources, and Various isolated Conflicts within the Region.

He said Zambia, therefore, looks forward to the continued Cooperation in areas of Mutual interest with Uganda’s Government, particularly in the areas highlighted, as the Two Nations Deliberate on them at both Bilateral and various Multilateral Fora.

President Lungu said these areas, also include the Common Market For Eastern and Southern Africa, the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region, the African Union and the United Nations to which the Two Countries belong.



And Delivering His Key Note Address, President Museveni has Urged African Leaders to Defend their Countries against External Forces.

Mr Museveni said there is need for African Governments to Wake Up and Defend their Countries from Western Countries who want to Control them.

The Ugandan Leader said Identity, Security and Prosperity are behind Africa’s problems and needs to be Addressed urgently.

In the meantime, President Museveni has commended Former President Dr Kenneth Kaunda for his Contribution to the Continent’s Freedom Struggle.


He said Dr Kaunda and Other Former African Leaders Played a Critical Role in Liberating most of the African Countries.





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