ActionAid Zambia says it has learnt with displeasure the intentions by Government to raise more Revenue by Hiking Toll Fees by a 100 percent.

ActionAid Country Director, Nalucha Nganga–Ziba said This proposal is too much and therefore it should be a Phased Approach over a period of time.

Ziba said The Danger with an Abrupt rise in Toll Fees of 100 Percent is that with the recent Fuel increase, this will Trigger another rise in Public Transport Costs.

She has asked Government to rescind its Decision on this and come up with better ways of raising Revenue.

Ziba said Already the Public Transporters have Hiked Fees and may have no Option but to Hike Fees again as a response to the increase in Toll Fees. 

She Stated that Increase in Transport Costs could push cost of production high and may also trigger price increase in essential commodities.

Ziba has challenged Government to come clean on how the Toll Fees Funds are being used.

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