The Drug Enforcement Commission has recorded a drop in the number of people arrested for drug related offence across the Country.

In the third quarter 1420 people were arrested compared to 1581 people captured in the second quarter representing a 10.2 percent drop.


Of the total number of people arrested in the third quarter, 1325 were male and 95 were female.

114 of those have been convicted for drug offences while others have cases pending in the Courts of law.

The Commission seized 4.68 tonnes of cannabis representing an 82.7 percent reduction from the second quarter were 26.98 tonnes was seized.


Commission Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo said that the youngest client was a 13-years-old and the oldest was 53-years-old.




Meanwhile, the Commission through its Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit arrested a total of fourteen people from four cases for money laundering offences.

The Fourteen are still appearing in the Courts of Law.

The total amount of money involved from the arrests made was Five Million, Three Hundred and Twenty Four Thousand Five Hundred Forty Four Kwacha and Ninety Four Ngwee and Fifteen Thousand United States Dollars.

One residential plot, a farm, a house, four motor vehicles and various household goods were seized as proceeds of crime.

And the Commission through its Education and Counselling Department sensitized a total number of Eighty One Thousand One Hundred Seventy Two people through its workplace, community and institutions of learning programmes.



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