The Law Association of Zambia has opposed the proposal made by Patriotic Front Member of the Central committee, Mr. Paul Moonga that the constitutional presidential term of office be extended from five years to seven years.

Association president Linda Kasonde said that the proposal is not different of the third term debate that arose in 2000 to allow then President Frederick Chiluba to stand for a third term in office.


And Kasonde said that a political party is not tied to its leader and no elected official is irreplaceable because there is no shortage of leaders in the Country who are willing and able to lead the Country.

She has therefore urged all elected officials to ensure that during their tenure they deliver on promises to the people and thereby win confidence for possible re-election.


Last week Vice President Inonge Wina distanced the Patriotic Front from the statement but did not indicate what action would be taken against Mr. Moonga for issuing such a statement.

The Association believes that how and when Zambia’s leaders can be elected into office is a fundamental part of our Constitution and should not be tampered with lightly.

There was an unsuccessful attempt to extend the presidential term in the case of Richard Mumba and Others v The Attorney-General, The Law Association of Zambia and The Electoral Commission of Zambia and Others which judgment was delivered in March 2016.


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