Lusaka Province recorded the highest number of defilement Cases with 335 While Eastern Province Recorded 66 and Central Province Had 50 cases, Southern and Copperbelt Provinces had 38 cases each.

Copperbelt province had 38 cases each while western and Northern provinces recorded the lowest number with nine cases each.

This is according to Zambia police, third quarter report of 2016 where 4,235 gender-based violence cases were recorded compared to 4,951 cases reported in the third quarter of 2015.

This translates to a decrease by 716 cases giving a percentage of 14.5 percent.


Police Spokeswoman Esther Mwaata Katongo says 615 cases of child defilement were reported representing 14.6 percent compared to 688 cases recorded in third quarter of 2015 representing a percentage decrease of 10.7 percent.

Also recorded was one case of attempted murder and four infanticide cases wide during the period under review.


Further, the country recorded 62 cases of rape, 17 attempted Rape, eight cases of incest out of which six victims were female adults and two were female juveniles.

23 cases of unnatural offences were recorded out of which three victims were male adults while 19 were male juveniles and 01 female.

The Country further recorded 15 GBV related Murder Cases of which six victims were female adults, four male adults, two female juveniles and three male juveniles compared to last year’s third quarter where we recorded 17 cases out of which five victims were males adults, five female adults, five male juveniles and two female juveniles.

A total of 1,614 cases of Assault were reported country wide compared to third quarter of 2015 where we recorded 1,385 similar cases.

Out of these cases,1,275 victims were females translating to 79 percent while 206 were males translating to 12.8 percent, 109 victims were female juveniles translating 6.8 percent while 24 were male juveniles representing 1.5 percent.


Central Province recorded the highest number of Assault cases with 390 giving a percentage of 24.2 percent while was second with 300 cases translating to 18.6 percent while Copperbelt had 246 cases which is 15.3 percent.

 From first quarter of 2016 to third quarter of 2016, the total number of GBV cases report is 13,092 out of which 1,634 were defilement cases while 41 were GBV related murder cases.

Out of the 41 murder cases, 12 were male adult victims, 21 female adult victims, six male juveniles and two female juveniles.


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