Cabinet Ministers have been challenged to copy President Edgar Lungu who has cut half his monthly salary as an austerity measure to save government expenditure.

The combined salary and allowance for the President is 523, 340 kwacha per year translating into over 44 thousand kwacha per month.

With the downward adjustment the Head of State will only be entitled to 22 thousand kwacha per month.



During question time in parliament this morning, Vice President Inonge Wina said that President Lungu wants to lead by example in saving resources.



Commenting on the gesture, opposition Forum for Democracy and Development Spokesman Antonio Mwanza said though the measure is commendable, there is still more that can be done to reduce government expenditure.


Mr. Mwanza told 5fm Radio that cabinet must also withdraw some vehicles given to the Office of Cabinet Ministers.

And Zambia Civic Education Association Executive Director Judith Mulenga has applauded President Lungu but she has also called on the Ministers to emulate the Head of State.


She said that President Lungu is indeed leading the way of reducing pressure on the national treasury

Recently President Lungu also dedicated 10 percent of his salary to the presidential empowerment initiative for marketeers across the Country.                                                       



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