Zambia has invited a Chinese company specialized in producing energy using garbage to urgently conduct a feasibility study in Zambia.

japhenOn behalf of Ministers who visited Shougang Environmental Park, a Chinese company that produces clean energy from garbage in Beijing, China Lusaka province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe said many cities in Zambia were facing the challenge of garbage and energy deficit hence the need for investment that can help to address such issues.

This Company uses 80 percent of the 3000 tonnes of garbage collected per day to produce 0.5kw of clean energy while 20 percent goes to the production of building materials.

Former Chinese Minister of Commerce Deming Chen expressed willingness to send a team of his technocrats to Zambia to conduct a feasibility study with the view of investing.

Earlier, CITS, a leading Chinese Tourism service company disclosed its plan to send Chinese Journalists and tourism agents to Zambia to explore Zambia’s tourism.

Company Chief Executive Officer Yu Ningning said her company was ready to work with Chinese media to promote Zambia’s tourism in China

Ms Ningning said Zambia’s political stability made it an attractive tourist destination in Southern Africa.

She also expressed willingness to partner with Zambia Tourism Board to promote Zambia in China.

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