The Energy Regulation Board has introduced a License Requirement for Importers of Solar Equipment with Effect from 1st January, 2017.

Board Spokesperson, Kwali Mfuni says the Initiative is intended to manage the Solar Sub-Sector and Protect Consumers from Substandard Solar Products as well as Promote the Legitimately Licensed Solar Companies.

Ms. Mfuni says the Zambian Market has been Flooded with Solar Products, some of which are Substandard and are Sold to Unsuspected Members of the Public.

She has told 5fm Radio that Unlicensed Operators are Selling Solar Appliances without providing necessary Technical Advice.

Ms. Mfuni said Operations of Licence Entities that Operate in line with the set Standards and Guidelines have been Negatively impacted by the want on Proliferation of Solar Products on the Zambian Market.


She Explained that the Import Licence Requirement is intended to Control the Quality of Solar Products that will be allowed in the Country and also Provide Impetus to Licence Investors in the Solar Sub-Sector.

Ms. Mfuni stated that the Energy Regulation Board has Partnered with the Zambia Revenue Authority as well as the Zambia Bureau of Standards as Regulators at the Border Entry Points to Enforce the Requirement.

She Added that the Requirement does not Apply to Items Purchased for on use including the Appliances that use Solar Power such as Solar Lumps, Cellphone Chargers, Fridges, Gyzers, Radio and Television Sets.


Ms. Mfuni said it is only Applicable to Solar Panels, Invetors, Solar Batteries and Charge Controllers.



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