Patriotic Front (PF) Secretary General Davies Mwila says Members Of Parliament (MPS) must be seen to be supporting all the Residents in their Constituencies regardless of which Political Party they Voted for.

Mr Mwila said that this is the only that Party can Win more Numbers.

He Emphasized that Members Of Parliament (MPS) are therefore expected, without any Compromise, to articulate the Party’s key Political Messages to the Local Electorate and Building support for the Ruling Party.

He Re-emphasize that all Party Members are expected to remain Loyal to the Party and its Leadership.

Mr Mwila said he shall not take kindly to any Maneuvers by Members, Whether Members Of Parliament (MPS) or Ordinary Members to bring the President’s Name or indeed that of the Party into Disrepute.

He stated that the days of Indiscipline are long gone.

He was Speaking during “Meet the Members Of Parliament Fundraising Dinner” for Lusaka Province at Pamodzi Hotel Last Night.



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