richwell-mulwani The Anti-Voter Apathy Project says Citizens will not allow Government to Push in other Clauses in the Constitution which were Rejected in the Previous Constitution Making Processes when the Exercise to Amend the Amended Constitution Commences.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda recently Announced that Government will Consult Stakeholders on the Constitution Making Process and only Political Parties that have representation in parliament will be Consulted.

Avap Executive Director, Richwell Mulwani has encouraged Stakeholders to take part in the Process and not Leave it to the Politicians.

A process to Amend the 2016 Constitution Of Zambia has Started to deal with Lacunas following a Resolution by Parliament to have some Articles Amended.

Mr Lubinda said he has written to all the Ministries, Government Departments and Agencies, and Political Parties with Parliamentary Representation for their Contribution.lubinda

Mr Lubinda said the 30 days would be the Window Period that was provided for any Citizens or Any Organisation, NGO, Private Sector, Media, Churches, Associations, Unions to engage Parliament on the Proposed Amendments.





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