Human Rights Commission, Chairperson, Mudford Mwandenga says the current Bill Of Rights only Protects Limited Civil and Political Rights.

Mr Mwandenga says the Current Bill Of Rights under Article 23 of the Constitution Act Number 18 of 1996 remains Largely Discriminatory against Women, which is a Violation of Human Rights.

He says Worse still, the Bill does not Protect Economic, Social, Cultural, Environmental and other Rights such as that of Older Members of Society.

Mr Mwandenga stated that the Bill of Rights should itself be Inherently Discriminatory in that it Completely Excludes some sets of Human Rights.

He also said that the Commission supports the Intention by Government to Revisit the idea of Holding a National Referendum to Address the Deficits and Lacunae in the Legal Protection of Human Rights in Zambia.


He hopes that such a Progressive Pronouncement will be Followed up with Concrete Steps towards Amending the Bill of Rights in Accordance with the Aspirations of the Majority Citizens through their Submission to Constitutional Review Commissions.

The Theme for this Year’s Commemoration is: “Stand Up For Someone’s Right Today”.




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