The Human Rights Commission has advised members of the public that it does not charge for any of its services such as investigations, legal opinion or advice, human rights education or protection through taking necessary steps to secure appropriate remedies for human rights violations or abuses.

It comes against cases of individuals reporting to the Rights Commission that they paid money to facilitate investigations or redress of their human rights violations but no action had been taken after such payments.

human-rights-declarationInvestigations by the Commission in conjunction with some complainants have established that charging for human rights services is being done by some individuals and organizations involved in human rights work, and not the Human Rights Commission.

The Commission appreciates the good work being done by a number of Non-Governmental Organizations and individuals involved in human rights work, but would like to appeal to them to always avoid creating any wrong impression, whether deliberately or by mistake, that they are from the Human Rights Commission.

The Human Rights Commission is not a Non-Governmental Organization, but a National Human Rights Institution created by the Zambian Constitution.


Commission Spokesman Everyone Mweelwa Muleya is therefore free to report cases of violation of human rights and freedoms to the Human Rights Commission on their own, or on behalf of other person or group of persons.


Mr. Muleya said that they will take up any case that is within they mandate and will refer cases that are not within its mandate to respective institutions with the appropriate mandate to deal with such cases.


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