Kalale is the Latest Community in Lusaka Where Zambian Breweries has launched its community based Manja Pamodzi clean-up campaign.

The aim of the environmental clean-up and recycling project is to minimise litter that can block drains and give rise to disease such as cholera and typhoid, especially during the rainy season.

The Manja Pamodzi project apart from giving people a sense of worth, a spirit of hope, and a future to look forward to is generating enterprise opportunities and thus alleviating poverty.

The community is being given an opportunity to create their own businesses.

The community at Kalale, which is situated near Kalikiliki and Ibex Hill, is also being educated on modern waste management practices, recycling and the importance of maintaining a good environment.

It is estimated that the groups collected between 290 Kilograms and 1,350 Kilograms of Waste at the recent clean-up Day launch, with the result that this was the highest amount Collected by a Community so far.

Manja Pamodzi project manager Elaine Kafwimbi expressed her delight at the Number of People who had Registered to be part of the project.


Zambian Breweries Corporate Affairs Director Ezekiel Sekele said it was the first time he had seen so much Waste Gathered and Loaded Onto the Trucks on a Single Day.

Ezekiel Sekele


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