The Engineering Services Department, under the lusaka city council has started unblocked drainages in the central business district following the purchase of a Second Pressure Jet at a Cost of One Million Kwacha.

Lusaka Mayor Mr. Wilsopn Kalumba who Toured the Drains this Morning, said the Local Authority is Equal to the Task to Ensure there are no Floods in the Central Business District.

The Capital has Experienced some Flash Floods in most Parts of the City including the Central Business District.

Mr Kalumba said Lusaka is Situated on a Flat Plateau with Mild Slopes as Low as Zero Point Two Percent Consequently, most Areas of the City Experiencing Extensive Flooding During the Rainy Season.

The Mayor said Residents should Realize that Proper Solid Waste Management is Very significant in Mitigation against Flooding.


Mr Kalumba further said that if Waste is not Properly Managed, it will find itself in Drainage Channels and the result of this, is that Drains will be Blocked and the Free Flow of Water will be affected thereby Causing Flooding and Stagnation of Water.

And Lusaka City council, Director of Engineering, Maliwa Muchuu said the Capacity of the Drains in the Central Business District is no longer the way it was some thirty Years Ago.


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