The leadership of Deeper Christian Life Ministry in Zambia under Pastor John Amoni has described the 2016 as a turning point in the Country’s spiritual, social, political and economical landscape.

In his end of year message Pastor Amoni said that the nation rose triumphant over numerous challenges during the year such as the 11th August 2016 general elections.

He said that the nation has demonstrated unwavering commitment and dependence on God as evidenced by people who participated in the national day of prayer and fasting.

Looking forward to 2017, Pastor Amoni is optimistic that the country will remain a beacon of light and hope on the continent of Africa and beyond.

He believes that the Christian Nation declaration of 1991 and subsequent renewed commitment to the same by the Church and government of the day will trigger a mighty revival and God’s special favour upon our nation in 2017 and beyond.


Pastor stated that God will continue to inspire government, the private sector and all key stakeholders to provide solutions to numerous challenges facing the country.


And he has encouraged the current Leadership not despair in the hour of global economic recession but rather employ inspired strategies to address these national challenges.

He trusts and prays that Citizens will not carry over our problems to the New Year as God will provide for solutions at individual, family, community, and national levels.

Pastor Amoni has called on all Zambians across the Country to make 2017 a year of pouring out our hearts to God.

He says it should be a year of forgiveness and love for one another, a year of giving and sharing, and a year of unity and collaboration in all our pursuits.



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