Opposition United Party For National Development Secretary General Steven Katuka has alleged that the ruling Patriotic Front has lost sight for which it was elected in government of liberating citizens’ from social and economic hardships.

Mr. katuka feels most of the people in the ruling party have prioritized to personal development departing from the ideologies of Late President Michael Sata whose main concern was to alleviate people’s suffering.


However at a recent press briefing Patriotic Front Deputy Spokesman Mr. Frank Bwalya defended the performance of President Edgar Lungu since taking office in 2015.



Meanwhile Mr. Katuka says successive governments have failed to uphold the values of Zambia having been declared a Christian nation in 1991.

He said that those in power have not shown love to those that do not agree with them both politically and other areas of national development.

Mr. Katuka added that the current leadership of President Lungu has been the worst president who must be ashamed to even be spearheading the declaration of a Christian nation.

He also condemned faith organization for doing little to bring about real value of Christianity both at home and national levels.


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