The Drug Enforcement Commission has arrested 90 people Countrywide for Various Offences.

The Commission in Central Province arrested and jointly Charged Davy Sikaonga, 41, a Businessman of Luangwa Township in Kitwe, and Bernard Sinyenga, 43, a Driver of House No. 28/67 John Laing in Lusaka for trafficking in loose cannabis weighing 860.2 Kilogram.

Also arrested in Central Province is Kalala Lukwema, 39, a Small-Scale Farmer of Kambono Farm in Kapiri Mposhi for Trafficking in loose Cannabis Weighing 32 Kilogram.

In Eastern Province, the Commission arrested Paul Kazunga, 47, a Small-Scale Farmer of Katopola Sido area in Chipata District for being in possession of 1,300 United States Dollars Counterfeit notes in 100 Dollar Bills.


The Commission also arrested and jointly Charged Eden Siame, 33, a Small-Scale Farmer of Meanwood area, and Zacks Mwandila, 41, a Small-Scale Farmer of Chipazi Compound in Eastern Province for being in possession of 14,700 Kwacha Counterfeit Notes in 100 Kwacha Bills.

In Lusaka Province, the Commission has arrested a woman of Chalala area for trafficking in cocaine.

Lorraine Tepa, 34, of House No. 12340 Chalala area in Lusaka has been arrested for trafficking in 12 sachets of cocaine. The suspect was arrested at a named hospital in Woodland’s Prospect Hill area as she was about to transact.
The Commission has also arrested Kingsley Miyoba, 37, a Businessman of Lusaka for being in possession of 2,600 Kwacha  Counterfeit notes in 100 Kwacha Bills.

The suspect was arrested at a named mall in Kafue.

And on the Copperbelt Province, the Commission has arrested a 27-year-old man for being in possession of Diphenhydramine.

Darlington Chisamba, 27, a street vendor of Bulangalilo Township in Kitwe has been arrested for being possession of 62 tablets of Diphenhydramine; a drug with sedative properties that belongs to a group of narcotics.

Commission Public Relations Officer Theresa Katongo said All suspects will appear in Court soon.


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