Zambia Green Party President Peter Sinkamba

The green party has petitioned parliament to present a bill on implementation of zambia’s commitments on climate change.

The Party has since submitted the Draft Bill to the Clerk of the National Assembly for consideration at the Next sitting of Parliament.

Party Leader, Peter Sinkamba says if passed by Parliament, the Bill will serve as a law seeking to implement Domestic Legislation giving effect to Zambia’s Nationally Determined Contribution.

Mr Sinkamba says The NDCS by themselves are Policy Documents without the force of law.

He says the NDCS will hold greater promise of being Achieved if they are integrated into each Nation’s Domestic Laws.

The Paris agreement, which President Egar Lungu signed on 20th September, 2016, requires Parties to regularly provide a Variety of reports: National inventories of Anthropogenic Green House Gas (GHG) Emissions and Sinks; Progress Reports on Implementing and Achieving the NFCS; and, although not mandatory for Developing Countries, plans for Climate Change Adaptation.


The Agreement also encourages Developing Country Parties to Submit Information on the type of External Support they need to Achieve their Goals, and the support they have received.

Mr Sinkamba explained that to help satisfy these Obligations, the green party has drafted the law, which also includes provisions for reporting and information collection.

He said because of Limited Administrative and Financial resources that Zambia is at the moment Confronted with, and to ensure the Country’s timely Compliance with International Obligations on Climate Change, the Green Party found it Prudent to Compliment Government efforts though Drafting of the Law.


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