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Zambeef Products has confirmed that heavy rainfall in Chisamba damaged some of it maize crop this week.

However, the Damage Covered just 40 Hectares or less than 1.5 Percent of the 2,917 Hectares of Maize currently Cultivated by the Company.

Zambeef Head of Marketing and Public Affairs Felix Lupindula explained that The last 72 Hours has seen increased Rainfall in the Chisamba area.

Mr Kapindula said this is generally good News for Farmers after Two Years of Patchy Rain, and will Replenish Dams and the Underground Water for Winter Wheat and Pasture Grazing.

He added that While the Damage is unfortunate, the loss will not significantly affect Zambeef’s Crop Production.

Zambeef currently has 854 of Maize under Cultivation at its Huntley Farm in Chisamba and 2,063 Hectares in Mpongwe.

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