The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has urged the Residents of Lusaka to desist from Drinking Water from Shallow Wells and Uuntreated Water from Private Boreholes in order to avoid Waterborne Diseases.

The company has advised residents of Lusaka especially those residing in Peri-Urban Areas to ensure that their Households have access to Clean and Safe Drinking Water supplied by the Utility Company in order to avoid Drinking Contaminated Water and getting Infected with Waterborne Diseases such as Cholera.

Company Public Relations Officer, Nshamba Muzungu says The spread of Waterborne Diseases in Peri-Urban Areas is largely attributed to lack of adequate Sanitation and the Consumption of Water from Shallow Wells and Private Boreholes supplying Untreated Water.


Mr Muzungu has appealed to residents that have not Connected their Households to the Water Firm’s Water Supply Network, in areas that are serviced by the Company, to get Connected so that they can enjoy the benefit of Clean and Safe Drinking Water.

He Explained that the Company is Guided by the Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) Guidelines to Produce and Supply Quality Drinking Water to its customers.

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