david mabumba

Minister of Energy; David Mabumba has advised the Opposition against Politicizing the proposed Hike in Electricity Tariffs by the Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) because it is a logical move towards sustaining the Economy.


The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) is currently analyzing the proposed 75 Percent increase to be implemented Gradually with the First Phase starting with 50 Percent on 1st May and a further 25 Percent in September 2017.


And Mr. Mabumba says once approved; the Tariff will be a greater step towards ensuring Cost Reflective Tariffs that will help the Power utility Firm to meet Electricity demands; as well as promote investment in the Sector. 


Addressing a Media Briefing this Morning, the Energy Minister explained that Residential Consumers have been Cushioned.


APRIL 4, 2017

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