The government has approved a new licensing framework for the telecommunication industry.

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba said that Cabinet had approved a new licensing framework for the telecommunication industry aimed at re-aligning and promoting competition in the sector.

MUSHIMBAThe approval means Zambia can now allow a fourth mobile operator besides Mtn, Airtel and Zamtel.

Mr. Mushimba stated that all internet service providers now can be operators and allowed to make voice calls in a regulated and optimized market.

He said the development was very good for the industry as it would bring in investments and jobs as well as taxes for the government.

The development will excite players who have in the past advocated for competition in the telecommunication industry arguing that it would lower service charges.

Mr. Mushimba said his ministry had formulated a new licensing framework with ZICTA for the Information Communication Technology and telecommunication industry in Zambia.


He said the licensing framework would realign the sector and allow more investments and job growth.

According to Mr. Mushimba the new regime now allows any operator to apply for a license and allow operator of data such as Vodafone to take a new license that allows them to do voice over IP (VoIP).

The Minister explained that with this in place, there was a chance of a fourth mobile operator in the country.


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