The Zambia National Farmers’ Union is deeply disturbed by farmers who have resorted to selling maize at 50 kwacha per 50 kilograms bag and soya beans at 80 kwacha per 50 kilograms bag and has called on them to be patient.

UNION president Jervis Zimba is disappointed at the desperation by some farmers who are being cheated out of their produce by briefcase buyers.

He was speaking when he met District Farmers Associations of Western Province in Kaoma on 11TH April, 2017,  

Mr. Zimba said that such levels of desperation could even see farmers exchanging their produce for salaula (second hand clothes).

And Mr. Zimba understands that this year will be full of challenges because prices will be poor because the government has continued interfering in the marketing of agriculture produce, especially maize.

maize-zambiaHe observed that the 10 percent tax on maize exports is affecting farmers badly coupled with grain levies charged by council and toll fees.

 Mr. Zimba is sad that government is only allowing a few millers to exploit ready markets such as the Democratic Republic Of Congo and stopping farmers from selling their produce to that country.

He reiterated his call on government to consult on issues that affect farmers unlike making staggering pronouncements that hinder farmer growth.

Mr. Zimba concluded by repeating a call to the Ministry of Agriculture to formulate consistent and predictable agriculture policies.


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