The State has not responded to preliminary issues raised by Defence Lawyers in the matter where United Party for National Development Leader is charged with treason among other criminal offences.

Magistrate Greenwell malumani has since ordered the prosecution team to provide responses to the court before he makes a ruling on the matter.

Yesterday Magistrate Malumani adjourned to this morning to allow the State to respond to preliminary issues raised by Defense Lawyers.

HH IN COURTThe Defence Lawyers want the state to tell the court which person on the pretext of being a Pastor was allowed by Police to visit Mr. Hichilema at Lilayi Police College.

Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers also want the state to inform the court what manner of assault was inflicted on Mr. Hichilema and five others.

Hearing in the matter will continue tomorrow following an adjournment to allow the State prepare response to issues raised by the Defence team.


Meanwhile the Lusaka High Court has dismissed an application for Habeas Corpus from Lawyers representing opposition United Party for National Development Leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

The Lawyers had submitted before Judge Gertrude Chawamtama to direct the Zambia police service to bring Mr. Hichilema to Court following his arrest to determine if his detention was within the law.

When the matter came up Judge Chawamtama ruled that it is the role of the trial court which is this case in the Magistrate Court to establish the validity of the charges.

Judge Chawamtama further ruled that Habeas Corpus proceedings are not designed to forestall criminal proceedings.



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