The ZAMBIA CONFERENCE OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS has observed that the Country is not far from being considered to be under a Dictatorship.

This is according to a statement issued to 5fm radio detailing the political situation in Zambia, by BISHOPs’ president Archbishop of Lusaka TELESPHORE MPUNDU.

ARCHBISHOP MPUNDU said that political leaders in the patriotic front often issue intimidating statements that frighten citizens and making people fear for now and future.

Bishop mpundu

The BISHOPs have called upon the government to depoliticize the police service forthwith and leave them to do a professional job they have been trained for.

They have observed with sadness that the police are acting like political party cadres instead of being exemplary in following the rule of law since they are in-charge of keeping law and order.

The BISHOPs have noted that as a result of brutalizing the people through the Police Service, the general public is reduced to fear so that the order of the day is corruption and misuse of public funds.

BISHOP MPUNDU is disappointed at the fact that anyone who criticizes the government for wrong doing is sure to have the police unleashed on him or her.

The BISHOPs have also repeated a concern about the selective application of the Public Order Act by the Police.

BISHOP MPUNDU further noted that the political environment in Zambia is characterized by manipulation, patronage and intimidation of perceived government opponents.

The CATHOLIC BISHOPs have in this vein urged the government to stop using state security institutions to intimidate its own nationals.


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