Human Rights Commission Spokesman MWELWA MULEYA says the shooting of a minibus driver and a passenger by an individual wearing a Police Uniform is extremely worrying and frightening and the Zambia Police Command must investigate.

On Monday this week, a uniformed police officer shot a flash bus driver HARRISON MITI in the abdomen twice and a female passenger JANET ZIMBA after the commuter bus driver contravened traffic rules.

Police Spokeswoman Mrs. ESTHER MWAATA KATONGO issued a statement that saying the shooter could have been a criminal clad in Police Uniform.

The Commission wishes to join the Zambia Police Service in calling upon those who witnessed the near fatal incident to help the police with investigations by providing the necessary information.

The Commission is also confident that the preliminary information gathered by the Police who rushed to the scene of the incident such as a nine millimeter empty cartridge of the pistol used, will assist them with their investigations.

The Human Rights Commission calls for an end to acts of lawlessness in order to promote an atmosphere of peace, law and order, which is necessary for the enjoyment of human rights and freedoms for all.


Meanwhile, the commission has commended President EDGAR LUNGU for pardoning 30 inmates, including freelance journalist CHANDA CHIMBA the third on medical grounds.

And Mr. MULEYA said in addition to being in line with the Prisons Act as amended in 2004 and international human rights instruments, the pardoning of the terminally ill inmates is an act of compassion by the President and must be commended.

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