Ministry of Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Dr. Liya Mutale says the Government is determined to keep Munda Wanga under watch and bring it back to what it used to be.


Speaking after touring the Botanical Garden and Wldlife Sanctuary Yesterday, Dr. Mutale said there is urgent need to Restock the Park and improve Infrastructure at the Facility.DR LIYA


The Permanent Secretary said the Government would like to keep the Facility especially for Educational purposes so that Children can learn easily being seeing what is at the facility.


She urged Parents to the be taking Children to the Park so that they can appreciated Nature in it real form opposed to seeing in Books and Television.


Dr. Mutale commended the Department of National Parks and Wildlife staff for working at the park for their enthusiasm by trying to do things on their own and Seeking help from Partners that could come on board.


She called upon the Business Community to come forth and Adopt a Pane or Two as a Contribution to the Park.


Dr Mutale said the Ministry will serious Consider the Park and make the necessary Provisions for it in the 2018 Budget.


MAY 1, 2017



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