Opposition United Party For National Development Leader HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has been acquitted by the Lusaka Magistrate Court in a charge of issuing insulting language to police officers who went to arrest him on 10th April, 2017.

In his ruling this morning, Magistrate GREENWELL MALUMANI said that the State failed to prove that the Mr. HICHILEMA committed the offense before Court and there was no credibility in the case brought before him by the State.

Magistrate Malumani went on to say that State witnesses lacked credibility, professionalism and arrested Mr. HICHILEMA without any investigation.

Last week the State discontinued a charge where Mr. HICHILEMA was accused of disobeying lawful order to give way to a Presidential Motorcade on the Mongu-Limulunga road last month.

This however does not mean that Mr. HICHILEMA is a free man not until his treason charge before Principal Magistrate DAVID SIMUSAMBA is attended to.

Meanwhile Principal Magistrate Simusamba has set 22nd May, 2017 as the date for ruling on a treason charge slapped on Mr. HICHILEMA and his five co-accused persons.

The ruling will determine whether the treason charge be committed to the High Court. Mr. HICHILEMA will appear in Court next week on Monday.                                             


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