Zambeef joint Chief Executive Officer Francis Grogan has told Parliamentarians that Irrigation can help improve Productivity for Zambia’s Farmers, a necessity as the Country continues to experience increasing growth in Market Demand for Agricultural Produce.


Mr Grogan says demand for Food and Agriculture-Based Products in Africa is expected to reach 1 Trillion United States Dollars by 2030 and Zambia needs to be ready to tap into this opportunity.


He Explained that establishing Sustainable Policies on issues such Irrigation will be Key in Reducing Uncertainty in Production and putting Farming at the Heart of Zambian Economic Development.


Mr Grogan pointed to the fact that Irrigation would help to ensure Farmers were able to Grow Crops on a much Larger Scale, Multiple times in a Year.


Speaking on Behalf of the Seven Parliamentarians, Chairperson for Parliamentarian Committee on Agriculture and Livestock Maxas Ng’onga said Zambeef was one of the major Stakeholders in the Sector and Played an important Role in understanding Irrigation in the Country.


Zambeef Exports to Angola, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Kenya and Mozambique, creating a Market in the Region for Zambian Agricultural Goods.


MAY, 15, 2017


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