CONSTITUTIONAL Campaigners say the demand for good constitution is not a political agenda but a tool for inclusive national development.

This is according to a statement issued CIVIL SOCIETY CONSTITUTION AGENDA that held its meeting on the Copperbelt Province today.

The Campaigners have indicated that they are prepared to advocate for a complete new constitution no matter how long and tedious the journey will take.

They have repeated a call for citizens to realize that a new set of laws should be for all people of Zambia and not only those in power.

The statement went on to say that government and state officials must respect and uphold the civil, political, economic and social rights of others.

Campaigners say political tension has been exacerbated by careless and sometimes irresponsible remarks from those in leadership that make genuine and sincere dialogue difficult to attain.

They have proposed to the government to genuinely involve and consult citizens and stakeholders in addressing the observable constitutional lacunas without prejudice before 2016 general elections.

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