The Global Environment Facility is leading the International Community in Celebrating the 50th Ratification of the Minamata Convention on Mercury which was Deposited on 18th May, 2017 at the United Nations Headquarters. 


The Convention, which has now been Signed by 128 Countries will now come into Force in 90 Days on 16th August, 2017.


Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), Manager, Corporate Affairs, Irene Lungu-Chipili says the Country will remain Committed to ensuring that Viable Solutions are found to Address Mercury use and Emissions in Key Economic Activities.

The United Nations Environment Programme Governing Council in 2009 initiated the Development of a Global Legally Binding Instrument on Mercury which was Adopted and Opened for Signature in 2013.


The Zambian Government Signed the Convention in 2013 and Ratified it in 2016; Consequently, the Country has Implemented a Number of Programmes to Address Environmental Concerns Arising from Mercury Exposure and Use.


MAY 25, 2017


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