Gender Minister Victoria Kalima has said, African Women should continue to fight against Negative Traditional Cultures, Gender Inequality and Discrimination, the Vices which are still a Major Obstacle to Women’s Full Participation in Leadership and the Governance of Nations.


Ms. Kalima has called on African Governments to begin considering setting up Financial System that would support and Fund Women Nominated by their Political Parties to Contest Political Positions during Elections if the Continent has to make real Progress Towards its Economic Development.


Presenting a Position Paper at the High Level Women leaders’ Forum For Africa’s Transformation at the United Nations (UN) on Thursday, Ms. Kalima said Governments in Africa should involve the Traditional Leadership to shelf away Traditional Negative Cultural Practices that have over the Years Inhibited Women from Participating in the Political and Economic Affairs of their respective Countries.


The women leaders’ forum for Africa’s Transformation was Convened on Wednesday and will close with the launch of African Women Leaders Network (AWLN).


It was organized by the African Union Commission, the UN Women and the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations.


This is According to a Statement by Wallen Simwaka, First Secretary for Press, at the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zambia to the United Nations.


JUNE 2, 2017

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