Zambeef Products’ Kalundu Dairy Farm is gearing up for industrialisation of the local dairy sector with the construction of the largest state-of-the-art rotary milking parlour in Zambia and Central Africa.

The New 1.5 Million United States Dollars Facility in Chisamba will give the Food Processing and Retailing Company the Capacity to Milk up to 2,500 Cows a Day in Future.


Zambeef Head of Retailing, Marketing and Corporate Affairs Felix Lupindula said this is an Exciting Chapter in the Company’s History and in the Wider Industry, and more so for Zambeef.


Lupindula said The New Systems and Technologies will enable the Management of Larger Herds, which is important for efficiency and Growth in the Industry.

The facility uses the same technology found in Today’s Leading Milk-Producing Countries such as New Zealand, complete with Computerised Sensors to assist Zambeef’s Veterinary Department and Staff in Identifying areas needing Attention.


Each Cow is Fitted with a Monitor or Transponder which Collects Data on the Status of its well-being at Every Milking Session.


JUNE 30, 2017  

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