UPND vice president GEOFFREY BWALYA MWAMBA says he will not attend today’s Chief Mwamba’s Installation due to the continued detention of Hakainde Hichilema.

H e said why should he attend a traditional ceremony there when non of the chiefs has spoken out condemning President Edgar Lungu.

Below is GBM’s facebook posting monitored by 5FM RADIO…….

Infact so many people in UPND have been incarcerated and traditional leaders have been quiet there….What is the meaning of that?

So many people now are shying away from the ceremony because the traditional leaders in Northern province cannot speak out when their people are being given trumped up charges.

Traditional leaders are a source of wisdom and they are supposed to guide politicians like Edgar Lungu.

I must put it on record that I wont attend even the coming ceremonies for as long as my President is still remanded.

A traditional ceremony is a way of commemorating our national heritage. So why should I celebrate when my President is in detention?

We expect traditional leaders to guide Edgar Lungu when he is doing wrong things in the country than keeping quiet.

Remember that the incarceration of my President arose from a traditional ceremony .

Today it is president Hakainde Hichilema, tomorrow it will be GBM; what gives me the guarantee that they will speak for GBM if they cannot speak for HH?

We need to remember that all of us are potential victims and we need to stand for our brothers and sisters when they are being persecuted.

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