The Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) has disagreed with the Zambia Union Of Financial Institutions And Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) who are calling on Government to Ban Maize Exports so that the Country only Exports Finished Products in the Form of Mealie Meal.


ZNFU Media And Public Relations Manager, Calvin Kaleyi has Observed that if the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) buys only 500, 000 Metric Tonnes in a Season, where will Farmers, 85 Percent of whom are Small Scale, going to Store their Maize and at Whose Cost.


Mr Kalayi has explained to 5fm Radio that Zambia has 458 Grain Storage Units as at 2010 with Capacity to hold 2 Million Metric Tonnes, however, of this Space only 1.1 Million Metric Tonnes is Grain-Habitable, while the rest needs Major Facelift and Overhaul.


He stated that Stopping the Maize from being Exported would lead to Prices Crashing Further.

Mr Kaleyi says while this may be good for Millers and Consumers, it is definitely a Stumbling Block to the Growth of the Agriculture Sector.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2017

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