Actionaid Country Director, Nalucha Ziba has observed that the 2018 Budget lacks Proper Measures to Generate enough Tax Revenue.


Mrs Ziba says this just reaffirms the Argument that there is over Reliance on Personal Income Tax especially PAYE as the main source of Income for the Government.


She has reminded Government that for it to raise 68.5 Percent of the Budget from Domestic Resource there is need to Diversify in Terms of Tax Collection and must Consider Measures such as increasing Withholding Taxes relating to Consultancy Services, Management Fees and Technical services.


Mrs ziba has noted that the hike in base tax paid by small Business Owners such as Marketeers from 150 Kwacha to 365 Kwacha Per Annum is too high and not Conducive to support the Growth of Small Business. 


OCTOBER 1, 2017

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