Mufumbwe Police Station has been Burnt by Residents, following an attempt by Police to stop what is Locally called “Chikondo”, a Traditional Belief meaning “a movng coffin” from taking place following the Death of Matha Mingochi of Kakilufya Area of Mufumbwe District, a Grade 11 Pupil at a local Secondary School who Died on October 13, 2017.


This is According to Zambia Police Spokeswoman, Mrs Esther Katongo.  


Mrs Katongo said when Police advised the people to stop the Practice, the Mob began Throwing Stones at  Police Officers, a situation which led the Police Officers to Retreat to the Police Station.


But the Mob followed and finally Burnt the Police Station and in the Process, Two Vehicles and Office Materials were also Burnt.


She says the Mob was following a Suspected Wizard who they accused of Causing the Death of the Deceased but by then, he had not yet been found.


Mrs Katongo says some Police Officers have been Injured by the Mob and have been identified as Constable Kamwengo, Sergeant Tembo and Reserve Constable Munangandu.


She also said Two Motor Vehicles, a Canter belonging to Inspector Kalunyange and a Toyota Noah , Property of  Nelson Nkinke which was Parked at the Police Station by Court Bailiffs have also been Burnt.


OCTOBER 15, 2017

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