The prices of Fuel have been increased by an average of 2 kwacha   Effective Midnight Today, this is according to Energy Regulation Board’s Vice Chairman, Mr Ngande Mwananjiti.


Petrol has gone up from 11 Kwacha 67 Ngwee to 12 Kwacha 97 Ngwee While Diesel has gone up from 9 Kwacha 87 Ngwee to 11 Kwacha 9 Ngwee and Kerosene will cost 7 Kwacha 82 Ngwee from 6 Kwacha 50 Ngwee to 7 Kwacha 82 Ngwee.


The Increment has been Blamed on changes in the International Oil Prices and the Depreciation of the Kwacha.


OCTOBER 17, 2017

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