The Lusaka City Council (LCC) has arrested 11 people for selling Food Stuffs under Unsanitary conditions contrary to the Ban that was imposed by the local authority following the Cholera outbreak.


The operation was conducted today, (Friday) by a combined team of Council Public Health Inspectors and Council Police in the Central Business District (CBD) to enforce the ban on the sale of ready to eat foodstuffs on the street.


Acting Public Relations Manager, George Sichimba SAYS the perpetrators will be fined while their Merchandise has been confiscated and will be destroyed in accordance with the law to deter would be offenders.


Mr Sichimba has reiterated that the enforcement is not meant to punish vendors or deprive them of their livelihood, but is one of the measures aimed at Curbing the spread of Cholera.


OCTOBER 27, 2017


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