Zambia is Confident the Resolutions Passed at an Emergency Meeting in Botswana of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ Troika plus Council Chairperson will aid in Diffusing the Political Impasse in Zimbabwe.


This followed the Military in Zimbabwe’s Temporarily take Over power in the name of trying to deal with Criminal Elements.  


Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Harry Kalaba said Observations made by SADC over the unfolding Political Atmosphere in Zimbabwe were Realistic and in the best interests of the stability of the Country and the Wider Region.


He explained that SADC had taken a much more Proactive approach in order to pacify the situation between the different interest Groups involved in the Political Stalemate in Zimbabwe.


He has called upon Zimbabweans to remain calm and United, adding that Zambia would not be Happy to see its Southern Neighbour thrown into Division.


NOVEMBER 17, 2017

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