Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA); Commissioner General; Kingsley Chanda; says a Total of 6.4 Billion Kwacha in VAT Refunds has been paid out to Major Mining Companies.


Mr Chanda said the total Outstanding VAT Refund Payments to the Sector currently stand at 1.1 Billion Kwacha while the unverified vat claims stand at 4.8 billion kwacha.


He also stated that the Revenue House has issued out Demanding Notices Valued at 14.6 Billion Kwacha for VAT Rule 18 related Claims and 3.1 Billion Kwacha for other invalid Claims.


Mr Chanda told a Media Briefing this Morning (SATURDAY) that the Mining Sector Owes the Authority 11.1 Billion Kwacha in Unsettled Tax Assessement.


Meanwhile; Mr Chanda says the Volume of Trade at the Chirundu, Kariba and Victoria Falls Borders have not been affected following the Political Situation in Zimbabwe.



NOVEMBER 18, 2017



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