Zambia has Ranked 16 out of 54 in Africa in Overall Governance, scoring 57.7 out of 100, According to the 2017 Ibrahim Index of African Governance.


Zambia scores Higher than the African Average (50.8) and lower than the regional average for Southern Africa (58.6).


The Country achieves its Highest Category score in Safety and Rule of Law (66.4), and its Lowest Category score in Sustainable Economic Opportunity (48.9).


Zambia achieves its Highest Sub-Category score in National Security (94.1), and its lowest Sub-Category Score in Infrastructure (39.3).


Over the Last Five Years, Zambia shows ‘Warning Signs’ in Overall Governance.


The Country registers an Overall Governance improvement over the decade at an annual average trend of +0.32, but has Declined in the last Five Years with an Annual Average Trend of -0.35.


NOVEMBER 21, 2017

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