Minister of Finance Felix Mutati Expressed Confidence that the Completion of the Printing Process and Subsequent Issuance of the Kaza Visa will have exponential benefits to the Zambian Tourism Industry.


Mr Mutati says with the Country’s Relatively Stable Exchange Rate Coupled with Low Inflation at 6.3 Percent, the Issuance of Kaza Visas from the Zambian side will result in Increased Tourist Inflows.


Mr. Mutati, added that Stable Macro Economic Fundamentals are Critical to Investment Planning, including Planning for Festive Holidays by Both Domestic and Foreign Tourists.


He Explained that the Kaza Visa is a Practical Example of the Government’s efforts to Reduce the Cost of Doing Business.


The Kaza Visa will be Available, through the Zambia Immigration Department, to Citizens of 65 Countries which coincide with those who are Eligible to receive Visas on Arrival in Both Zambia and Zimbabwe.


DECEMBER 4, 2017

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