The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has Instituted Investigations into Reports of Smuggling of Fuel to Ascertain Possible Breaches of License Conditions by Affected Parties.


Board Acting Director Consumer and Public Affairs; Mr. Fred Hang’andu says they are concerned at the rise in reported incidents of Fuel being Smuggled into the Country.


Mr Hang’andu said the Energy Regulator intends to Roll Out the Fuel Marking Programme in the First Quarter of 2018; an Intervention that will help Tackle Challenges regarding Fuel Marketing.


He has told 5FM Radio in a Statement that Smuggling Fuel into the Country not only Deprives Government of the Much needed Revenue but also puts at Risk the Quality of Fuel on the Market.


He Explained that unlike Fuel, Legally Imported Fuel is Checked for Conformity by way of a Certificate of Quality Submitted to Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) at the Point of Entry.


DECEMBER 7, 2017   

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