Labour Minister Joyce Simukoko says although sometimes going on Strike is a Right, it sometimes Symbolises Leadership Failure.


Officially Opening the Zambia Union Of Financial Institutions And Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) 12th Quadrennial Conference in Livingstone Today (THURSDAY), Mrs Simukoko says in her Time, there was no any kind of Strike because Collective Bargaining was Decentralised to the Branches.


Earlier Union President Mr. Ackim Mweemba Cautioned the Patriotic Front Against Debt Contraction.


Mr Mweemba said Debt Contraction is not a Problem as all Countries do Borrow, but that the most important things is to use Money Properly.


Mr Mweemba wants to see the Labour Movement Tracing if Borrowed Money is used Accordingly.


DECEMBER 21, 2017

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