Harry Kalaba has Resigned as Foreign Affairs Minister saying he took the Decision with a Heavy Heart but quite succinctly with a Clear and Resolved Mind.


Mr Kalaba said he has no Shed of Doubt that this was a necessary undertaking and an Unavoidable One looking at the Path of the Country has taken, a Path of Insatiable Greed and Shame which is Clearly Unacceptable and Unsuitable.


He Explained that his Fundamental Belief is that his Allegiance should not be with a Position, Party or Person but it must be with the Country and its People.


He said Youths are Wallowing in Poverty without a Clear Plan for them while Business Preferences and Opportunities are Always Tilted in Favour of Outsiders, Reducing Zambians to Mere Spectators in the Economic Affairs of the State.


Kalaba stated that this cannot be Allowed to Continue, adding that there is need to go back to the Original Agenda of the Party the Patriotic Front (PF), Where the Poor and not the Corporates must be at the Centre of All the Decisions.


The Bahati Lawmaker said it would Appear that the Poor Zambians have Ceased to be the Reason the PF are Holding Power.


Mr Kalaba said Materialism and the Propensity for Money has taken Over and is Arrogantly at the Centre of Many Decisions being made Today.


JANUARY 3, 2018


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