Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya says they need to put 154,000 Farmers on E-Voucher to reach the 1 Million Target which are being supported by the Government in the 2017/2018 Farming Season.


Ms. Siliya said as of Today (MONDAY), 846,000 Farmers have supported by the Government, after Farmers made their 400 Kwacha Contribution through the Banks and other Payment Systems.


She was Speaking During a Media Briefing this Afternoon (MONDAY).


In the Meantime, Ms. Siliya said Fifty Five Thousand Hectares of Farm Land has been Affected by Arm Worms this Year (2018).


Last Year (2017) 230,000 Hectares of Farm Land was Affected by the Arm Worms, Affecting 280,000 Farmers.


JANUARY 8, 2018

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