Party of National Unity, President, Hyvie Hamududu has Observed that the Current Economic Crisis is a Build-Up of the Failed Economic Policies Devoid of People Centeredness Over the Last Two Decades.


Mr Hamududu says Economic Policies need a Complete Overhaul beginning with the 2018 Budget, which Disappointingly remains Business as Usual.


He stated that all Arms of Government; Executive, Legislature and Judiciary must be Repositioned to Serve the Greater Interest of the Majority.


The Post 1990 Neoliberal Economic Policies Blindly Adopted have Failed Africa, and Threw the Majority into Squalor as Evidenced by the Growing Informal Sector that is Unregulated, Unsecured, Unconnected to Finance and Better Markets.


He explained that the Worst Hit is Women and the Growing Youthful Population.



JANUARY 15, 2018

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